Product Overview

Bistro - Service in short - term operation
This modified appliance is known for its compactness and smallest possible footprint.
Particularly suitable is the machine for small kitchens with little intersection and short working time.

Solido - the novice series
The of our partners solid, easy to use but very powerful slicers have been examined in detail by us and modified.
The driven with the belt motors always provide the right cut, whether for meats or other cutting materials.


Profi - Maximum cutting performance with minimal footprint
The high quality professional slicer can compete with any cutting material.
Especially designed for continuous operation the Professional Line is well suited because of the 25-30 cm long, coated solid steel blade and the maintenance-free gear diameter guarantee high-torque and perfect cuts. In addition, the machines can be folded down by the slide, the removable floor panels and the freely accessible surfaces and knives are quickly and easily to clean.

Master - Innovation from experience
Designed for the bar area Master cutters work more precise, fatigue-free and always reach the maximum cutting capacity with the smallest possible footprint. Because of the integrated air cooling system that always provides cool surfaces, an overheating of the motor is prevented and therefore the engine operates smoothly even under heavy load for several hours.


AutoManuale - Enjoyment and lifestyle
In our AutoManuale flywheel machines the knife, the carriage and the automatic thrust are driven by hand with a flywheel. Every machine is approved for commercial use and of course complies with the accident prevention regulations. We obtain, by the automatic cutting process with manual drive, every time fresh cut and very thin slices of carefully selected sliced.


AutoMaster Line
Our AutoMaster series stands out for its automatic placer.
The unit can be used in the counter areas of butchers, in canteen kitchens, in catering and in industrial production. Excellent cutting and placing results are the basis of the series:

Semi-Automatic slicing machines - freshness --implemented quickly, decorative and hygienic
Freshness is one of the most important distinguishing features in the food trade.
The workflow increased by up to 50 per cent permits this philosophy without increasing staff costs. And this is ensured by a reduction of the stress on the operator by means of the servo-assisted carriage.

Fully Automatic slicing machines - a sophisticated concept for a better, more efficient performance - every day
The combination of automatic depositing and automatic carriage run with product feed makes our fully automatic machines independent of an operator. The easy and quick handling and the patented feed are further plus points which make the operation signifi cantly more efficient.


Knife Sharpener - The right finish cut
All our knife sharpener have 100% diamond coated sharpening wheels and abrasives.

The diamond is the hardest of all gems and in this way every knife can gently, quickly
and accurately ground. In addition, the blades at vanishingly low material loss can be ultra sharp rebuild.